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Non-exclusive License Agreement

Each artist (you) who publishes one of his works (digital file) on the site keeps the copyright relating to it. By creating and using an artist account on the site (GrabYourDesign), the artist confirms that he accepts the "Terms of use and delivery" and also the "Terms of use - Artist Account". The GrabYourDesign logo affixed to the products miniatures is not present on the product delivered to customers. In order to enjoy the features offered by the site, the artist certify to be over the age of legal majority.

Once you upload a digital file on the site, you attest and guarantee to AC DISTRI company that you own all copyrights and you are the only one to claim them or else that you have all the necessary permits from the owner of the rights to the digital file to enter into this contract. Therefore, you certify that the uploaded digital file does not infringe on intellectual rights of any party, person or entity. You attest and guarantee that the uploaded digital file does not contain any incitement to hatred, does not degrade the image of an individual and / or corporation or group of people, do defames any race, religion, religious group and that does not broadcast obscene, pornographic, threatening, harmful, intrusive,... You attest and guarantee that the published digital file contains no code that can harm and / or damage the site and in general of any way whatsoever, and which could intercept or steal any data and / or personal information of the site. You attest and guarantee the use of the digital file and that you own the full rights on that file and that this file comply with all laws and regulations. You attest and guarantee that the digital file cannot confusing users, contains no advertising, commercial offers and / or promotion.

GrabYourDesign (the publisher) reserves the right to remove at any time the works of an artist, in its sole discretion, that does not respect the general rules and conditions for using the site. In case of infringement of any copyrights, the artist agrees to be solely responsible in case of legal action by a third party. Otherwise, the artist acknowledges to be engaged in this contract to indemnify the entire amount that the publisher will be ordered to pay to a third physical person and / or entity as well as all expenses that may be incurred by the editor in such a procedure.

By publishing a digital file (or Artwork) on GrabYourDesign, you certify being the author, getting all the copyrights on the digital file and you grant to AC DISTRI Company a worldwide non-exclusive transferable license and sub-licensable to store, broadcast, use, modify, copy, communicate, sell and distribute at its discretion and without limit the digital file published on all kinds of products and materials with no time limit.

The submitted digital file can be removed from the site by a simple request made through your artist account. Once the digital file is deleted, this license agreement will be terminated for the digital file concerned since all orders placed before deleting the file have been processed and the finished product inventories held by the company or AC DISTRI’s business partners have been traded and sold. Furthermore, the digital files will be removed from marketplaces within five working days of the next month following the date of deleting request.

By accepting the "Terms of use - Artist Account" through the license and the sub-licensable rights granted by this Agreement, you agree that the uploaded digital file is distributed on the site GrabYourDesign, on marketplaces accounts belonging to AC DISTRI company as well as with its business partners.
For each product sold, Grabyourdesign is committed to fulfill its obligations to production and shipping the items sold to customers and to pay the commission to the artist.
For each product sold with one of his design on it on the website, the artist can determine the percentage of his commission on each design and product. For the website, the percentage of commission per products and design can be freely chosen by the Artist from 5 to 25% of the basis price. The basis prices list is available by clicking here. If the artist does not enter a commission on a product, the default commission is 10% of the basis price. For Marketplaces, the commission for each product sold is 10% of the basis price. For B2B sales (between professionals), the commission for each product sold is 5% of the basis price. The commission will be detached once the balance artist account exceeds 30 euros. The payment of the artist account's sum of commission will be done either by Paypal or bank transfer. The eventual transfer fees (bank transfer and/or Paypal transfer) will be paid by the artist. If a product purchased by a customer is returned, then the artist's commission is not due and will therefore not be paid. The payment of the artist's sum of commission will be paid through the payment method chosen by the artist between the 1st and the 15th for the sales realized on the month M-2 (or earlier in case the minimum threshold of detachment had not been reached in the previous month(s)); the month M-1 is a period of precaution where customers may return the product. No payment of commission will be made for a digital file and / or content sold and that does not respect the terms of this contract.

Fixing the sale price and basis price of items is determined and decided at the sole discretion of AC DISTRI or its business partners.
All the conditions related to all uploaded digital files are also applicable to all entered text, filled and distributed through your artist account and including the title, the word of the artist, the words describing your work or all information that may be published by you through your artist account. You will apply and you specifically agree to provide clear, accurate and with no ambiguity information on the site.

The artist account is protected by a username and a password. The artist is fully responsible for all actions performed with his artist account. Therefore, it is his responsibility to keep his username and password secret and to never communicate his password to a third party. Otherwise, the site will not be held responsible for actions taken with the artist account. The artist has the opportunity to modify his personal information. These will be stored in the servers of the site. In case of force majeure, the site will not be held liable for the loss, or/and recovery by a tierce person, of information and files saved in the artist’s account. Any member removal of information will not be a right to claim compensation.

These "Terms of use - Artist Account" may be modified at any time by the site editor or agent in their sole discretion. The law applicable to this contract is French law. Any dispute will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the french commercial court of Bordeaux. However, in case of dispute, the customer should first contact the company to obtain an amicable solution. The contract language is French. All others non French versions of these terms available in a foreign language on the site are for information only.

Updated December 1st, 2016